Problems with SRAM derailuers long term?-
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    Problems with SRAM derailuers long term?

    I've been a SRAM fan since they''ve stepped up to the plate and seriously challeged Shimano.

    I hated Shim. moving to 9-speed because of the reliabilty and set-up issues but whatever.

    What I have noticed is that SRAM rear derailuers don't seem to hold up as long as Shim. DR's in my experience. I've had XT and XTR DR's last for years (literally) but my SRAM rear DR's (X..7 and X.9) last about 6-8 months before the shifting quality goes south. By grabbing and bending my SRAM derailuers I can tell there is more 'play' in the pivots. Has anyone else noticed this rapid wear in the pivots on SRAM derailuers compared to Shimano derailuers?

    I also miss the SIS adjustment that Shim. has. It seems more difficult to dial in my SRAM D's.

    Bottom line: Do SRAM rear derailuers wear out more quickly than Shimano rear derailuers?

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    From personal experiance I've noticed my Sram RD is much more "set and forget" than my old Shimano. What this means to me is the Sram will last longer than the Shimano simpally because wear causes misalignment and maintinace, less wear = longer lasting. That's just what I'm thinking as of now, although neither derailurs have actually failed. Although I did seperate my sholder and I put 90% of the blame on my Shimano derailur. It ghost shifted right before I cranked hard before a jump, zero resistance on my cranks when expecting it to be in the highest gear threw me off line and went off the jump sideways... That combined with the better line models, example x9 being second lowest on Srams Mtb. lines, being an absolutly great set up, the duel thumb shifter (i like it better) and the 1:1 pull ratio, I like sram better than Shimano.

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    I will be the first to say I'm a terrible, hamfisted wrench when it comes to my bikes.

    Thus far, my SRAM X.9 stuff has proved to be far easier for me to keep tuned and functioning well up until recently (my shifter has exploded) in my hamfistedness, even after I crushed my rear mech in a race.

    Hence, it's my reasoning that the 75% of the mtb community that is clueless and hamfisted like myself would like the company of SRAM more. But, that's just my personal experience.

    However, I've never had a Shimano anything straight up blow up JRA like my SRAM X.9 shifter has (aside from a pinchbolt mount on an XT derailleur snapping off). But my SRAM stuff has always performed far better than the Shimano stuff I've had/have, even after a fresh tune of the Shimano stuff.
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