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    possible used intense tazer buy. inspection? weak points?

    let me admit at the beginning, I'm a beach cruiser type, but I've always liked the idea of having a nice downhill type bike. no real reason beyond they just look like the mountain bike to have if you're going to have a nice one.

    for that reason I'm not looking to spend much and haven't searched with a lot of commitment, but i came across a used intense tazer for a pretty good price. appearance-wise it looks good, but i'm just wondering what I might check/inspect for damage. known weak frame points and whatnot.

    thanks for any help.

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    if you are just cruising it around....then who cares (not harsh just reality)

    but for giggles

    drivetrain- does it shift well
    strait rims
    no dents in frame
    look for cracks in frame

    personally for just having it and you feel it is a good deal....buy it
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    thanks. it wouldn't be for cruising, it would be my mountain bike. granted it might collect a lot of dust between rides, but like I said, I like that type of bike.

    the general things to look for i'm familiar with. I hoping for known things specific to this bike. it's relatively cheap, but I won't be able to pull out the harbor freight welder and repair something if it's cracked.

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    The Tazer is not a downhill bike but a short travel 4x/DS bike. You can ride it as a trail bike but not very comfortable because it has a pretty short top tube.
    Regarding weaknesses: depends on which year it is. There are 4 generations of the full suspension Tazers (FSR, 1st Tazer VPP aka flying V, Tazer VP FRO w/ straight down tube and Tazer VP FRO w/ bend down tube) and 2-3 generations of hardtails.

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