Please help me choose the next frogger...-
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    Please help me choose the next frogger...

    Heya fella riders,
    I am looking at getting a new fast Freeride frame. I really got my eye on the new SC Bullit.2. It defiantly looks to me as an improvement over the older Bullit and a true nimble single pivot Freeride machine. On the other hand I am very curious about the Transition Bottlerocket. I know the reviews are raving and it does look like a tight machine that can rip it all.
    I know best thing would be to ride them but it is not as common and possible as it is in the U.S. and I probably won't get the chance to give it a good dish. In short, I value your inputs greatly.

    The intended use is for very aggressive single tracks, some are tight, and fast, some are blasted with technical elements; 5-8 ft drops, rock gardens, few ramps and bridges (not too serious in this department though) etc. BTW i do almost no dirt jumping (because basically we don't have them where I live)
    I prefer it to be on the more maneuverable side rather then those heavy sledges that just 'iron' anything in it's way (had one of these).
    Today I own a dedicated DH rig which I use for DH only and a beefed up Heckler which I absolutely love and I do just about everything else with, only my Heckler loses score in geometry which is a bit too steep to my liking and lacks some stiffness at some riding profiles.

    Points for Bullit.2 for me is that it is basically very close to the Heckler, single pivot but with slacker angles and of course it is stronger. It seems to me that the learning curve would be moderate to flat. Thing is, not enough reviews yet, it is relatively new out there. Plus, although it has 1.5" more ass travel, I think it is even lighter in weight.

    Points for Bottelrock, it is so highly rated and it seems strong, sexy and very capable flickable machine. My 2 concerns are, travel seems to me a bit on the minimal side (even 3mm less then my Heckler!!!) + low BB and the way it looks to me it is like a dirt jumper or BMX bike with suspension, and I don't do both.

    Sorry if this turned out to be sooo long but I think I needed to supply as much info as possible to make the holy consulting a bit more easy. (Rather then the plain ole: "Bullit vs. Bottlerocket, what should it be?" style of questions)

    Thanks for your inputs
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    If you are thinking of the Bullit, I think you should take a look at Yeti AS-X too. The cost should be a little lower and there are two settings for rear travel: longer/progressive and shorter/more linear.

    The Bottlerocket looks like it would be very good if hitting your pedals and rocks is not a major issue.

    People race DH on all these bikes too (Bullit, AS-X, Bottlerocket).

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    Hey Zlang,
    send a pm over to CHUNKY NUGGET. looks like he just got the'07 Bullit. Hell be able to help you out. Heres a link to his thread about it.

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    Cheers Coiler....

    I will.

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