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    New question here. Pike setup tweak guide - coil 409 426 454 ?!

    Searched the forums and cant find a pike tweak or reccomended settings guide?

    Any input from fellow Pike Coil owners on your settings on the x3 below would be great and why you chose those settings?

    Any criticism or suggestions on my current settings too

    Rebound damping *red dial bottom right leg* - started on full rabbit (slowest rebound damping/fastest return to full extension) and opened 8 clicks towards the turtle.

    External Gold Floodgate dial *top right leg* - used when fork is locked/when poploc is pushed down - maximum full clockwise position then 1 click away. I intend to use the poploc for climbing so want the fork rigid.

    (out of interest is there a difference between a fully open fork and a locked fork with minimum anticlockwise floodgate - seemed to feel the same?)

    Compression damping *blue dial on poploc/crown mounted adjuster top right leg* - used when the fork is open - position dial somewhere between full open and closed giving less sensitivity and fork movement, useful for brake dive and squatting under hard cornering. Left this untouched to give a fully 100% open fork had no issues with brake dive yet.

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    ya i love my 454
    but there is postitive and negitive air in mine
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    Hey Capoz,

    I've done some tuning on this fork and it is an amazing fork. I'm running 7 clicks on Rebound Dampening and I think 18 on Compression? Either way they are both close to middle settings which seems perfect for me and I'm running the recommended air pressure for my weight. I think it's 110PSI? As for the flood gate, I play with that from time to time depending on the ride. If it's a ride with minimal drops, I'll use the poplock and open the flood gate so that there's about 2 inches of travel. That way it handles great and it responsive when I need to get out of the saddle. I'll leave it locked for the whole ride. If it's a ride with some good drops or rock gardens, I'll lock it down more so I can climb really well in lock out mode and the just hit the poplock when I decend. I also lock it all the way out if I'm going to do some road training. Play around with it. I think you'll find factory suggestions are very close.

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