I cracked my 02 Gemini Frame and got an 05 Prophet as a replacement. I am now building it up for sale and need a REAR wheel that fits the oh so special 12mm Thru axle.

Problem is there are several different lengths of 12mm thru axle rear hubs. Does anyone know Prophet rear axel length (ie 12mm X ____ )?

Did Mavic D321 rims (older style) ever come in 12mm?

Please help especially if you can verify your info. Also, anyone interested in buying it should email me dustdemonx@aol.com , I plan to sell it with a mostly 2000 setup (shimano XT hydro brakes, Mavic D321 rims, High Rollers, etc. *no Lefty, **some used compononets) for around $1,500. I'd like to hook up someone who deserves it. It's an XL ball burnished, 05 Prophet.

Happy riding, snow's just about gone here in Reno/Tahoe

See ya'll @ Northstar!