Since your previous post was filled with Arguments (sry but I had to defend myself) I decided to help you out by taking all the good info and putting it into one post Good Luck.

preload/bunny hop at the lip. works great. start by doin sum 1 handers and turnin ur handle bars. when u get more air time, do sicker tricks. im not that great at explanations

a good way to start new simple tricks ( this worked for me ) is to bunny-hop and try the trick. usually when you bunny hop it is the shortest thing you can experience and it is low and safe to the ground. I started by doing a bunny hop on flat and removing my feet off the pedals for a second then landing ( no footer ) now I can do that trick off about anything. the bunny hop also works for practiceing nothings and one handers.

start small if you are new to DJ'ing. focus on nailing whatever 2ft tranny you have. going too big too quick is a sure way to end up on your face because you'll hit a big jump too fast, get thrown forward and have no idea what to do.

I'm not trying to offend anyone at all just my opinions. When I started DJing it all just came naturally. I just started jumping. It may have been the MX background, or many many hours just riding my bike. When people ask these questions about jumping tecnique it seems weird to me because half the answers I see seem completely screwed up and involve way too much thinking. Just Relax, Start Small (most important) , and just jump. If your really comfortable on your bike you'll know what to do. You won't even have to think about it. Have Fun.

I can't help you with getting more air, but to turn your wheel(also known as a tweak), just practice on a curb. Jump off the curb and immediately turn your wheel. It would help by getting confident on the jump first!

I dunno, I didnt really learn much about jumping from others, I just sort of did trial and error techniques in a way. the 1 thing that i am constantly forgetting though is to stay back. lean back. I just got this technique down at diablo after riding there about 6 ot 7 times already . heavy pedaling is not necessary. I rarely have to pedal insanely fast to clear jumps, but then again i do because my only bike tahts really workable is my 55 lb stab primo heh. I dunno, just work at it on your own, thats what id recommend

Whatever trick your doing in the air with the bike under you, keep your shoulders square with the landing so that you can bring it back and land straight

There Ya Go. Good Luck.