(x-post on santa cruz manufacturer forum)

hey keefe, saw your post saying that you run a 9" romic on your 2000 and then on your 2003 bullit. i have a question for you. i run the romic on a 2001 bullit but i am sure the romic has 9.5" eye-to-eye....am i wrong or is yours the same? i cracked my head tube and am now getting a new front triangle through SC's replacement offer. so it'll be a 2003 front with a 2001 rear (which works acc to scott @ SC). i would be most stuffed up if i couldn't fit my romic on that the same was i had it before (by removing the shuttle and bolting it on like that). can you confirm that i'll still be able to do that? thanks. i can't really ask scott and SC as they don;t like giving out info on non-warranty stuff (ie shocks other than fox and 5th element).