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    Ot: Wtf (Zedro's Fav porn site)

    a cow with a window. this somehow seems very VERY wrong too me. I'm sad
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    thats mest up and discusting a cow with a window i dont want to be lookin in some cow

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    Anyone hungry?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mouse
    what were is gnarcal

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    the trick is ENJOYING YOUR LIFE EACH DAY, don't waste them away wishing for better days

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    Actually, it's not all that uncommon. My girlfriend used to help out at one of the barns where she went to college and they had two cows with this done.

    It's bizarre, but it doesn't hurt the cow (they're put out when the surgery is done), and it is used for positive gains when it comes to the health of the cow - they better understand what to feed the cow, and how its internals work.

    It's no different from a tracheostomy tube or a feeding tube for humans - it just bypasses the normal "routes" and provides direct access. Cancer or other seriously ill patients often have a small port installed where they get blood sampled all the time, and that's pretty much exactly like this "window". When they need blood sampled, the doctor takes it from the port so that they don't have to continually insert needles into the patient's veins; too many pokes and a vein can actually collapse in on itself, not to mention some patients can't afford the "wasted" blood that comes out after the needle is withdrawn.

    Just my random tidbits of knowledge from working on a farm and in the healthcare industry

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    icky, it's like some wierd fetish or something, edit the title of this thread to "zedro's fav. porn site"...
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    does it still qualify as a mountainbike?
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    I've beat beer cans on my limp pee pee.

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