Northstar Tara Llanes Weekend Report-
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    Northstar Tara Llanes Weekend Report

    So i was up there Saturday, and it was so awesome. Im walking through the village to go get my lift ticket at about 11:00, and i run into Tara. Said hey, chatted a little, then went to hit flameout. Riding good, do livewire next, hit all the jumps cleanly (I used to have a mental block that would make me brake before some of the bigger jumps, even though i knew i could clear them, but this time i just got loose) andit was sick. then i rode a few more trails, stix, part of dog bone, boondocks then went to get some lunch.

    I didnt do my research so i didnt know what big names would be there, but im walkin to the grill to buy a burger, and i see Cam McCaul chillin with some other fox riders (including Tmac). I get my burger, eat it, go get in line at vista, and Cmac almost runs into me doing a wheelie in line. Then Ty loaded his bike with mine, but didnt ride the chair with me. got to the top and saw that they were all doing stix (full thing) so I figure i'd try to follow them. i kept up for the first half (i was going so hard), but then some old dumbass was standing in the way of the drop in the middle, so i lost them. oh well.

    Rode a lot more, then saw something about demoing a demo 8. i start talking to the guy, then finally realize why he looks so familiar, its Kirt Voreis. He tells me to check in later.... Finally about 4:00 (lifts stop at 5:00) i get a demo, speced with a vivid air and boxxer air, and voreis tuned it to my weight. OMG it was like riding a unicorn on a cloud. I was chargind twice as hard and didnt even notice it. I took it down livewire and it jumped like a dream. then hit boondocks and didnt hit the tire on the seatpost when i hit the drop... after 3 runs the lifts were done so i returned it, and Kirt wasnt there anymore so i couldnt get a picture or signature.

    I hear that Cmac and his buds were at the jump park, so i head down there like i always do at the end of the day. Follow Tmac down Mineshaft, but lost him after the wood drop thing. get down there and its just my and Ty at the top of the jumps, we chat a little, then Cmac and buds come hiking up.

    Ive seen about 5-7 people hit the large line in about 8 times at northstar. one kid i was watching threw a one-hander, and an x-up, but other than that i've never seen it tricked.

    Cam show up, says hey to Ty, then drops in. He throws a barspin on the step on, tables the step off, supermans the next jump, and out of sight. i watch for a little, then decide to go and get some video on my cell phone (GoPro died halfway down last run).

    right by the step-down on the medium line, theres some photographer on the side taking pictures, so i set up next to him and get some vids and chat. its the 4th jump on the large line that i was filming i'm pretty sure. anyway everyone does a run, then the photographer tells me Cam was tailwhipping this jump. Just then BOOM. Tailwhip. So damn sick to see in real life. about a half hour later, after just watching and being impressed, one of Cams friends walk by and says "Holy ****! Cam just flipped the last jump!" so we both head down there to get some pics and footage. Then Cam comes flying down, tailwhips the 4th jump, seatgrab indian-airs the 5th, scrubs the 5th, cases it a little, then still backflips the last jump.

    I've seen plenty of backflips in videos, but to see it in real life, Its unreal. so awesome.

    right after that they all leave, and i finally decide to hit the Med line on my DH bike. i've done it on my porter, but DJing a DH bike scares me.... I finally grow a pair and drop in. Soooooo smooth. i dont jump it like the other guys on DH bikes do it. I go slower, pump the lip harder, and have to whip my back in to clear the landing. Feels awesome. then a hour and forty five minute drive and 1 McDonalds stop later, and im home.

    ****ing sick ass day!

    heres my buds Photos... All credit of these photos goes to Riley Gibson-Graf... great photographer...

    Northstar Tara Llanes Weekend Report-338528_293173887366631_100000220661893_1405992_1167570377_o.jpg

    Northstar Tara Llanes Weekend Report-331287_293174150699938_100000220661893_1405993_1086429359_o.jpg

    Northstar Tara Llanes Weekend Report-329580_293172817366738_100000220661893_1405988_281000570_o.jpg


    <iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="398" height="224" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

    Please leave criticism on my video, this is the first time I've ever edited solely on music. let me know what you think, even if you dont like the song. If you want and videos of the trails in this video to see trail conditions or features, let me know and i'll upload it for you.

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    Awesome experience brother!
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    Good post
    Sounds like you had a crazyfun time!

    Good riders make it look soooo effortless.
    I learn to be a better rider by following the lines and techniques of those awesome dh'ers

    Sweet video too.

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    Awesome story! Those new Demos are amazing, got to ride the 2012 Demo 1 on Friday and that thing is amazing.

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    Nice report & video Moosey!

    My only criticism of the video is to urge you to check out a chesty mount for the GoPro if you get the funds. The helmet cam makes it look like you're just floating b/c you can't see the bike most of the time.

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    pretty cool
    the trick is ENJOYING YOUR LIFE EACH DAY, don't waste them away wishing for better days

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