I ride an Oryx spitfire (frame similar to an 04 stinky). Mainly do light freeride with some uphill. No jumps over 4-5 feet. I was thinking of a nixon or a pike and with the deals out on the nixons I thought this would work well for me. My 2 choices are the 06 elite with TPC damping and wind down from Jenson for $299.... or the super intrinsic for $349 - the downside is it is from an ebayer. What do you guys think. It's basically the same fork but the ebay one is the better damping. My choice is leaning towards jenson b/c it's legit and cheaper. With ebay you just never know. Like I said - I'm basically decided on Jenson, I just wanted to see if anyone thought the new damping was worth the extra money and sketch factor.