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    New question here. New wheelset ?

    alright, today I finally got rid of everything from the P.1 cr-mo, meaning I sold all the parts ecept the stance fork, this gives me $420.00 to spend. my Ibex is pimped out, I mean sure it doesnt have the absolute best components, but they'll last for me. so I want to pimp out my P.2. most of the parts on my P.2 are pretty....floppy. but I think I want to get rid of the joytech/ditchwich wheelset because its really gross at the moment. so I've choosen a few wheelsets i've been drooling over, theres the Mavic Deetraks, azonic outlaws, Halo SAS and then theres a shimano XT/Singletrack wheelset on jenson for $149.99.

    Basically I'm going to be doing FR/AM/park and street. I love the deetraks but they're spendy, outlaws look nice, but I'm not sure they can be converted to bolt on, halo sas everyone reccomends and I the singletrack wheelset I know can be made bolt on and they're cheap enough and will last.

    right now I'm kinda leaning twords the XT/singletrack, but I know theres a lot better wheelsets out there than that. I just want some opinions on what I should get, because also the less I spend on a good wheelset, the more I have saved twords a pike.
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    If you have good luck with the singletrack get them, there a great deal & tough.

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    i suggest either the outlaws or the single tracks. the single tracks on jenson are an insanely good deal so i say go for them. i ride a single track up front laced to a 20mm specialzed hub on my HT. it is solid for DJ/4X but be careful to really run high PSI for urban. they also seem to do well on trail rides but i have only taken my HT on one so far.

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    singletracks are real flimsy

    get the Outlaws and you can get them bolt on
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    I think the outlaws would be your best bet....
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    Get the DEETRAKS they are gauranteed for a small fee!!!!!
    I weigh 200lbs and run SINGLETRAKS on my DH bike. They are fine. Either the DEETRAKS or SINGLETRAKS 36 spoke for sure!

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    Just keep the wheelset you have now and buy a Pike off of ebay for the money you pretty much what you have now. But if you must I would go for the Halo Wheelset. That is the next upgrade on my P.2.

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    Dont have experience with these but the Deetracks have that protection plan available which is pretty sweet.

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    I need a new set too, but I dont know if I want to shell out bones for the Outlaws

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