new weyless 67 build, fork??-
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    new weyless 67 build, fork??

    I posted a reply below related to this but want to start a new thread w/ picture etc and have some questions. Sorry if this is totally boring to most. Inspired by posts found here searching weyless 67, I bought the frame earlier this summer and manitou swinger 4way. Only other parts I had to buy were a headset, bash ring, front derailler and one avid mechanical brake which went on the front, and an adapter to move my old (smaller disc) brake to the back. Lucky thing even the seatpost and nice seatpost qr from the old bike fit. Only annoyance with supergo was they told me the wrong dimensions for shock spacers, but obviously I should have waited for the frame to come first.

    Now I want a fork to match the plushness of the back, which still pedals fine unless I stand and pedal hard. I was thinking 7" travel but still want to climb,. Old fork is marz z1 QR20 5", '98 or so I think, feels pretty harsh but I use all but 1/2" of the travel. I'm thinking of '05 marz 66rc for $540 with trade in, or manitou sherman slider 05 triple clamp for $565 (about the same weight, spv damping but I don't know if the limited steering would bother me) or wait for marz '06 rc2x with the ETA, lower than '05. These are expensive, though, would i be better off with a 6" travel fork? 20 mm through axle is a given, marzocchi tech guy told me today my old QR20 hub will work no problem. Riding I want to do is really rough back country, also lift accessed trails, no racing, but I have air ambitions & want something to grow into.

    arrgg, can't submit the pic right now, my files are too big and I have'nt got time to figure out how to edit them.
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    If you got a LOT of cash, I would get the 66RC2X Light with ETA. Its the new definition of All Around fork (More burly than my Z150). I sport a Z150 on my Weyless, and it rocks.

    The frame is well rounded for a variety of forks, but I think single crown is coming into fad, and a 66 with ETA? Dude...please go buy that FOR me.
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    I'm sure the z150 is truly rockin compared to my fork from 6 or 7 yrs ago. I liked the ETA feature on it but don't really notice too much bobbing in the front, probably more of an issue with a plusher fork.

    Don't know how much the new rcx2 eta will be with trade in when it becomes available.

    I really should probably stay with the low budget theme of the whole thing though, and get a 6". There's a manitou sherman flick plus at jenson usa for $269 (no climbing feature) or the 05 z150

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    i got a boxxer world cup on mine. looks frikin pimp with the silver sliders. ill post a pic later

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    I'd say look into something used.
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    I really should probably stay with the low budget theme of the whole thing though, and get a 6". There's a manitou sherman flick plus at jenson usa for $269 (no climbing feature) or the 05 z150[/QUOTE

    You can drop the travel on the Flick from 150mm to 110mm. For that price though you cant go wrong. THe flick would give the 67 a perfect all around head angle at full travel too.
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    I've been riding the Flick+ on mine since early this year. I say get one unless you huckz0r so huge that you need a DC. Fair warning: you'll probably need to swap springs unless you don't weigh much.

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    Tthanks for the info, guys. Time gap in this thread was because of computer problems, ok now I guess.

    I think the flick deal sounds like the best, low price, light, has climbing feature after all. This is going to be awesome! Apparently I have to get another adapter for avid brake, but only $10. Really glad to hear its a good matchup for the bike, thanks.

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