New Park - Bryce Resort-
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    New Park - Bryce Resort

    So anyone heading here on Sat for opening day?

    Bryce Resort - A Four Seasons Resort - Bryce Resort

    New park in VA just north of Harrisonburg. While they don't appear to have the capacity that Snowshoe or Mountain Creek will, it's already great to have new places to ride (plus it's about 1.5 hours from my house, making it day-trip doable!). Apparently they've pulled the trail crew from Snowshoe (gravity something or another) and will have three trails open on Sat with an additional 4 by season close.

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    So all in all, not a horrible place and being less than 2hrs from home, definitely worthy of day trips. Only about 800ft of descent, so they don't have a lot of space to work with, but have done very well with what they do have. They basically had 5 trails open this weekend (6 if you count the cross country rolling trail). I really wouldn't classify their double black the same as places like snowshoe or mountain creek, but it was still fun.

    Sundowner - green cross country. Fast and great for noobs to get used to getting some speed without worry of jumps, drops or big berms to slow down for.

    Brew Thru - Blue jump trail. Lots of table tops, couple features and lots of berms. Very fun!

    Screwdriver - Blue tech trail. Tight and twisty. Not too many jumps but a good technical run.

    Snakebite - Blue tech. VERY tight and twisty, somewhat steep s-turns all over the place. Feels kind of like riding in a foot-wide ditch, but still fun.

    Car Bomb - Black tech. Not groomed and smoothed out. Natural terrain with a few features and a nice step-up you can really show off on. Rooty and fast.

    Copperhead - double black tech. Small rock garden, two nice wooden drops, 6ft creek gap and a big double. Lots of off-camber and a VERY quick run you can nearly hit 40mph on your way to a BIG step-up if you really crank it.

    All in all... this is great park to learn on. They have a little bit of everything that is great for beginners to get their footing on to prepare for bigger parks. Plus the jump lines and other features are more than enough to keep experienced riders happy and at bay while they await the next weekend-long trip to somewhere farther. Like I said, being less than 2hrs from home, you can make an easy day trip out of it for a $30 day pass and the lifts are open from 10-8 on weekends. At breakneck speed, runs go in the 3-4.5min range and about a 12min ride back up to the top (yeah the lift could be a little quicker).

    Bring sunscreen. The entire lift has no tree shade whatsoever. I got the crap burnt out of me after 10hrs of playing there. Full DH rig was fun there, but I think a simple 5-7" park bike might be more fun for the more experienced riders. Newer riders can bring their DH rigs to get better acquainted with them and the obstacles without fear of the speeds that larger parks can offer with 2-3x the mountain to play on.

    They plan to expand to 7 trails by the end of the season and more next year from what I hear. This weekend was a soft opening as they've yet to take delivery of a few more bigger features (I heard whispers of a massive whale tale en route!) to be installed in the next few weeks.

    In the meantime, here's my last run of the day down Brew Thru. After 9.5hrs of riding, I was exhausted at this point!

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    Thanks for the review. Might check it out sometime. Maybe to or from SS.

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    Looks decent. My wife and I rented a cabin and are going to be riding 7 springs, wisp and timberline resorts later this week. Maybe we will try to add this to the trip. Only open on weekends?

    Edit: I see they are open weekdays. We are going to try to squeeze a day in this week.

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    Looks like a decent start , wouldnt mind tryin it out later this year.

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