My Intense SS 3 months on... (with custom graphics).... (X-post)-
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    My Intense SS 3 months on... (with custom graphics).... (X-post)

    So, i've had my SS since May 13th and in that 3 months, i've ridden everything i possibly could. Long DH runs, my newly sculpted 4X track, slopestyle jump courses, forest singletrack, flowy man-made trails and cross-country epics.
    I have to say the SS has been awesome throughout. It excels on the flowy stuff, the jumping, and the singletrack. Its great fun on the 4X although not as fast as a shorter travel rig. Great fun on the DH, again not as fast as dedicated DH rigs and although a bit hard work on the uphills, does very well on the Epic all-dayers.
    As a freeride biased all-rounder i am SO pleased with it and love it totally. Previously i had an Orange 5 which was just too AM biased, and not man enough for the hucking i was doing - this was the perfect step in the freeride direction.
    The low standover is great for jumping, and it feels far more like your in the bike, not on-top of it, which is great for throwing it around and gives you confidence for whips and the like and makes for a lively feel out of the corners.
    I've changed to DMR loc'dd grips (The sunlines were ok, but too thin and not deep enough grip) otherwise its the same as when i bought it. Apart from..........

    The only thing that wasn't perfect for me was the stickers!! (No offence Intense - awesome bike, its just personal preference!!)
    I'm a designer (And hence a bike-tart) so went about changing them for my own taste, so here's the finished article. A cleaner single colour approach using a semi-metallic mid-grey. I used some of the existing Intense logo elements and lettering, and added / changed / made some new bits to give a more consistent look to all of the stickers and they now tie-in nicely with the grey of the totems also!!
    So, here it is:

    The classic Intense Downtube logo used and the underside letters removed (I'm very rarely upside-down - and certainly never on purpose!!!) i have still yet to remove and remake the orange 'Southfork' logos. (LBS)

    I made a new SLOPESTYLE logo.....

    This next one is a shorter double-line version as i have a Endura frame protector on both the chain + seatstay. I'm not convinced yet....

    New top-tube logos, for 'SS' and 'Slopestyle'. The Burning heart 'SS' may need to be bigger....hmmm....

    Let me know what you think!!

    There's still some changes to be made, brakes are next to get right Hayes are helping try and sort the crazy noise from my strokers, but failing that, Codes, Elixir or Formulas here i come.
    But otherwise, i love how it rides, and now i love how it looks - One very happy man, THANKS Intense!!
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    Looks great, glad you're liking it after all that research.

    I just switched from Stroker Trails to Formula Megas. They are the best brake I've ever used, hands down. I highly recommend the Mega or The One as a replacement for your Hayes.

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    Thanks combat,
    Yeah, sitting around for 4 months with a broken leg resulted in some SERIOUS research, but resulted in an awesome rig.
    Megas are on my short-list!

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    looks hella dope
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    wow. that's pretty cool. good work O-G.

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    Any pics of the 4X track?
    Quote Originally Posted by Khemical
    Those cables on the Socom look flexy

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    man that looks clean
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    Great stuff Goblin. Love that bike.
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    Nice looking bike....

    I wouldn't hose it down though,

    Love the remade decals. very nice touch.
    Proud to represent Mojo Wheels.

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    Thanks man.

    I use a sponge and bucket.

    But why can't i hose it down?

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    Very nice...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nut!
    Any pics of the 4X track?
    Check out this thread, there's some pics in there and a load of links to more pics too!
    Its a blast to ride, but the pics don't really do it justice.

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