Mwhaha another tire thread "best 24"-
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    New question here. Mwhaha another tire thread "best 24"

    Hey all..... Here I am throwing up another tire thread for you all.... checked the search function and spend WAY to long going thru MTBR tire review.... (rather impressive list actually).. Here's the deal yo..... I need to find a 24" rear tire that works great in mud and more importantly, snow.... There is a snowrace in febuary in Maine here that's on a ski MT
    I've been needing to get a new rear anyway. Currently I am using a kenda kollasal 2.6 I was looking for somthing about the same size but knobby as hell.... Nokian Gazzlodi 3.0 is one that had favorable reviews... My favorite tire being the panaracer fire pro... I've been hearing they make a 24" now...but I havent seen any being sold yet.. This tire is going on a banshee chapperal... so obviously it needs to fit.... What do you all suggest and what should I stay away from?... What are the 24" options for DH/FR.... it doesnt seem like their is a huge selection of 24" like their are 26"s...... So hey,..thanks for your time and imput..hit me up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zachdank
    " 24 inch tires don't belong on a mount bike bra." 2-6 stallions will regulate you.
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    I would suggest taking a look at the Kenda Nevegal or Kinetics. Both have a very deep tread that may be helpful in snow. And don't be dissuaded by the Kinetics bad reviews,from the sounds of it not alot of them were riding the new Stick-E rubber versions, probably OEM instead, or even the actual Kinetics, since they don't make a version smaller than 2.35 and alot of them reviews were talking about 2.1's??

    Here is a description of the Nevegals primary use: Tall knobs designed to penetrate and hold on loose terrain.

    I can tell you I wouldn't suggest Nokians or IRC Kujo. I've ridden both in wet conditions, DH trail and Urban, and neither did very well. They have a tendency to break loose easily in the wet.

    Panaracer Fire FR 24 x 2.4 should be out sometime this month according to Panaracer's own Jeff Zell, but he couldn't be more specific on a date.

    For a good list of the most popular 24's check out Universal Cycles site, they list quite a few.

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    Hey mark, hitting up the shawnee peak race eh? I'll be there too, it looks like its gonna be a blast Check out the intense 909 in 24x2.5, the tread pattern is identical to the 2.8 michelin comp 32 which was always the best tracking tire for what we ride IMO. Also look into the Arrow Mud-X, it only comes in 2.3 but its got some HUGE nobs, honestly i think this would be the tire to have for the snow race, thin and deep which will be good for when the snow gets chewed up. Come into the shop and we should be able to get either tire for you, if we cant has them in stock. I'll see you at the race.


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    I've tried most 24 also my favorite is arrow wide bite slo react rubber awsom tire

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    Get Tioga Black Turtle for that race and dispose it after. Can't beat it at 20$. I'll be sure to kick yo a$$ on these if you don't agree.
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