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    MTB Lubrication

    HI Guys & Girls

    Just need some advice on how to properly lubricate my bike? I have an 06 Big Hit.

    How do I make sure that the pivot points are properly lubricated? And what else besides the chain needs lube?

    Any other maintenance tips are also welcome, thanks!

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    Clean your chain regularly (after every ride) along with your casette, derailuer pulleys and chainrings.... do this before you lube the chain. Ideally I like to lube the chain (after it's clean) a night or two before i'm going riding. I put a drop of lube on each link, crank the pedals a few times and let it sit for the night. Then i use a rag right before a ride to wipe off any excess oil on the chain.

    I'm pretty sure you're big-hit pivots are on sealed cartridge bearings, so lubing these isn't really an option.. just keep the area clean (do not spray directly with high pressure water). Inf fact, keep the entire bike clean, atleast all of the moving parts.

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    I thought this was gonna be a thread about PBR.

    Stay away from high pressure washers.

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    Clean bike=working bike (theoretically).

    Some suspension tips- keep your seals clean of debris and lube (silicon lube) them every 10 hours (apprx.) of riding. Service your fork occasionally (yearly? depending on how you ride; send it off if needed.)

    Basic Maintenance- Make sure when you use water, you dry it of and lube drive chain parts (to prevent rust).

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    I also like wipping down my stanctions and cleaning the dust seals
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    When cleaning, it is helpful to use degreaser. I usually degrease the drivetrain (derailleurs, cassette, chain) after every 40 or so miles depending on how dirty it has actually gotten.

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