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    Motion Control in Domain questions

    Is Motion Control in the Domain 318 a speed sensitive system? With the compression cranked all the way up and while pushing on the bars with varying speeds I detect a very distinct difference in the amount of compression damping. a fast and hard push results in very firm compression while softer slower pushes give a much softer compression stroke.

    Is this normal or is my comp cart jacked?

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    When you have your compression cranked up the moco still has something like 5-10mm of travel (or play?). So when you push down hard and fast it reaches that point really quickly giving you the impression that it's firm. When you push down slow it reaches that point a lot slower, and after that point you can't push it down any more right?

    That's with the compression fully on, from how I understand the system the amount you turn the knob would be relative to how firm your fork feels (how hard it feels) to compress.

    So to me it sounds like yours is working fine and I don't think it's speed sensitive, although if you think about it at slower speeds the oil has more time to go through the holes so it wouldn't feel as firm, at a fast speed the oil doesn't have as much time so you get a firmer effect. Think about a coffee plunger - pushing it down fast vs slow, same priniple. Now imagine reducing the size of the holes in the coffee plunger by 90%, well that would probably equate to turning your compression knob all the way.

    I am more than happy to be corrected on my somewhat basic principles of understanding!

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    sounds about right
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