marzocchi exr comp 03 or pilot sl for freeride?-
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    marzocchi exr comp 03 or pilot sl for freeride?

    im on a tight budget and would like to choose between these 2 forks for freeride. I know that these forks arent made for freeride but what i mean is that can these forks stand a 4-5ft jumpings? im just 110lbs. In my opinion, Marzocchi is way too heavy if compared to pilot sl. please advice. cheers!!!


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    exr comp sucks...

    i have the 03 on one of my bikes, and its not much of a fork. however, im about 200 lbs and have abused this thing and it hasnt broken. nothign crazy, but lots of stuff in the neighborhood of 4, 5 ft. its super flexy and more of a pogo stick. ive been suprised at how long mine has lasted. being as light as you are and riding smooth, you shouldnt break them. however i have heard about the lowers breaking.

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    I've got an '04 exr comp for sale if you are interested. It isnt too heavy and the 30mm stantions add some stiffness. I personally didnt like it for FR, but you are much lighter than me (by like 60 lbs) so it should suit you fine. The pilot should be just as flexy and of course more $$.
    For sale:
    Jamis Dakar Sport Full Suspension XC Bike 2001
    Marzocchi EXR comp 2004

    Email me at for more details.

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    ummm niether of these forks are intended for freeride or rather jumps and drops...yeah if your light and smooth you can probably get away with some jumping for some amount of time, but both of these forks are entry level XC short on travel and not sprung for jumps. If you set the fork up for jumping it's going to suck everywhere else, meaning to stiff for trails and the like... your better off buying a used but higher quality fork.. a marz. dirt jumper is good and cheap for jumping but not the best trail fork.... somthing in your price range that might be better suited would be a rockshock phylo...while not the best fork it's designed for what you want it to... even an old manitou xvert would be a better pick as it'll offer slightly more travel and better internals... (tpc) I sold one awhile ago for 125 so you should be able to find one if you hunt around......didnt mean to blow your hope out of the water...but in the long run you'll be better off.... i.e you get cheap fork start jumping and CRACK! there goes your hundred bucks...... Good luck man... I'd save just a little more money and get somthing made for what you want to ride....

    ps.. the phylo is a good fork... I used one for 3 seasons of hard use with one rebuild... it's still works fine... has them for cheap new.....
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    Psylo's are great all around forks.

    I wouldn't be jumping on a Pilot, and I know a guy who just bent the steerer on his EXR casing it.

    I've owned a couple Psylo's, prior to my Z150. They are great forks and I rode trail, jumped, dropped, urbaned, even some light DH and they held up very well. I still have a '02 going strong, all I've ever had to do was put an Enduro fork-seal kit on it cuz the stock RS ones started leaking after 2 years.

    Here's a steal!! ;-) :

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    67's exr '03 not exr comp '03

    just went to the bikeshop yesterday and noticed that it was exr not exr comp I read the reviews at and it seems that they have quite a number of differences..please guide.


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