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    Marzocchi 66 ATA Settings affect

    Marzocchi 66 ATA SL1:
    I would like to get some feedback as to how the different settings affect the functionality of the fork performance. I would like to get a descriptive explanation of how each setting affects the ride.

    This is my understanding. I would appreciate feedback as to whether or not I am correct. Thanks.

    Left side of fork:
    PAR (left bottom air valve) is a setting that adds more compression at the end of the stroke to help keep from bottoming out the fork on big hits. So if you add PAR pressure the resistance at the end of the fork increases. Does it just add that compression in the last inch (or so) or does it increase the pressure and the height of the bottom out. IOW if I add pressure does the bottom out travel height change?
    For instance if 70 lbs affects 1 inch of travel, if I up the pressure to 150 lbs does it affect 2 inches?

    ATA (left top air valve) is a setting that adds compression throughout the travel. It adds positive pressure to increase the compression damping. My understanding is that it automatically adjusts the negative air pressure as you add pressure.

    Now here is my question. If it were just adding positive pressure I think it makes sense that it would simply add more compression damping causing it to feel firmer and less supple. But since the negative pressure is also increased does that mean the suppleness (sensitivity to the small bumps) is supposed to remain about the same while adding more resistance (compression damping). If this were true then you can add pressure to firm up the middle stroke while keeping a supple ride in the beginning stroke.

    ATA is just travel adjustment and the compression is supposed to adjust with it.

    Right side of fork:
    RC2 (top right air funky valve) just adds more positive compression. I donít think this affect the high speed or low speed compression. I think it just add more pressure making it feel more firm. Is that true? So this brings up another question on its affect. Why not just add more pressure in the ATA? I think it is that if you add more ATA pressure the negative spring will increase but if you add it to the RC2 it will add positive air pressure only. It seems that you would loose suppleness and a firmness. It seems this would be helpful for jumping and big hits.

    Rebound (bottom of right fork) simply allow you to adjust the speed of the rebound.

    I can get great suppleness but it plow through the travel too much and makes it hard to do small and medium jumps. It also has big break dive. If I add pressure to help with breakdive I loose the suppleness. How do I add mid stroke compression and keep good suppleness in the first couple of inches of travel. Should I add the ATA pressure or do I need to add RC2 pressure?

    Sorry for the long entry.The documentation of this fork is lame and the recommended settings seem to be totally wrong. I am just trying to understand the fork settings.

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    Mrdude, here is a link to the 16 page thread in the shocks forum concerning this fork. You can get lots more information by reading this than by asking your questions in this forum.

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