Manitou Six-Way set-up???????-
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    New question here. Manitou Six-Way set-up???????

    My buddy havin' a hell of a time to get the ride he want's on his six-way. LBS guys were "good luck tunin' that" frickin' help. He's about 200 lbs on a 2004 AC-1 with a Slider up front. His stock four-way got warrantied to a six-way but it's no way as plush as the old shock. Doesn't care much for the platform but wants the plush back.

    But even a lousy downhill run is better than a day in the office!

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    You set up a Six-way the same

    way you set up the Four-way:

    Sag first, make sure you have the correct spring! (without this, it just doesn't matter what you do, it'll be wrong)

    Air pressure in platform, less for more plush, more for stiffer pedaling, but the bike will still take the big hits, just a little harsher on "small bumps"

    Rebound, (in's in the book) slow so you don't get "bucked" on bigger hits, faster for studder bumps, middle for what you like best

    Crank in the nut for more bottom out control (or so the shock "ramps up" at the end of it's stroke)

    6-way: all the way out for both low and high speed compression screws they don't make a big change, but add to the "small bump" plush feel. If you put them in the shock will feel harsh-er on at low speeds, and at very high speeds . . .

    did that help

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