light freeride bike, wich one ?-
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    light freeride bike, wich one ?

    Hi all, first post.

    I have been wanting a freeride/all mountain bike for some time. I dont have much to spend ( around $500.00 i'm currently borrowing a friends 2003 specialized p2. I went to my LBS and they have two bikes there i'm considering.

    one is a 2005 Ironhorse Yakuza Chimpera and they have it for 480 dollars.

    another bike they have is a 2005 ironhorse warrior trail

    now, I kinda like the yakuza, just because its stronger and has the 1.5 headtube, but the warrior is a FS bike with some nice components ( not for freeride though ) I would be doing mostly urban, freeride, trail and some dort jumps if I got the yakuza, plus I would have some extra cash to maybe upgrade ? and if I got the warrior it would be mostly trail and some light freeride. I really dont want to go over 500 dollars because then I will care a little too much about the bike and be afraid to try things.

    so anyway, wich one should I get ? other suggestions are welcome as well. and ohh yea, NOTE: I will not buy a used freeride bike.

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    i second the yakuza...
    Quote Originally Posted by JBsoxB
    does it still qualify as a mountainbike?
    Quote Originally Posted by kidwoo
    I've beat beer cans on my limp pee pee.

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    +1 on the chimp.. it was my 1st bike after getting back into the game,, and it treated me well for the 1st few months until i wanted a full sus'er and got a bullit. solid frame and decent components.. it shifted fine,, the hayes mech brakes were surprisingly strong. wheels and fork leave some to be desired,, i grenaded the rear hub in a few months of jumping and some trail riding. the rims arent the strongest.. but hold up ok i guess. the fork is spring only with cheesy preload but it was ok for jumping. solid cranks,,, the acera rear der is actually holding up, bent it once, and its now on my bullit. i say you cant go wrong for less than $500. slap a fork on it and some better wheels when the stockers go out and youll have a solid sled

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    Look at used bikes. You get way more for your money. And since it's your first bike, you're probably going to take a few spills anyways. If you buy used you won't feel as bad when you really mess up the paint.

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    Why won't you consider used? Just out of curiosity.

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