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    Light FR-ish frame deal?

    I've liked riding my bikes in the dirt since I was a wee one, but I stopped riding for about 6 years in the middle of high school. A year and a half ago (now I'm 24) I bought a 22' raleigh m50 as a commuter bike, and I started riding trails again for fun. Being a 6' 3" 250 guy I've broken a lot of shite on it and upgraded accordingly, and I just put in an order for a DJ3 and some avid mechs with my LBS.

    With the fork and brakes, the only things stock are chanrings, crank and BB. Its built up pretty FRish, easton risers, very short stem, odyssey flats, DH saddle, mavic crossland ('04s), lx and xt stuff. I began to wonder why I'm even sticking with this frame (other than the sentimental value, this bike helped me rediscover loving biking).

    Pros - The raleigh is actually a sweet frame for what I paid (290 complete bike at LBS) big welds, oversized tubing, 6061 alu, bilaterally ovalized downtube, downtube gusset, lifetime warranty.

    Cons - frame is a bit large for trail riding, seat tube angle could be more slack, headtube is MASSIVELY tall (about 8.5 in or so), longer chainstays than I'd like, etc...

    I'm thinking very seriously about just ordering another frame, coughing up the dough for new cranks/chainrings/BB, and having the rest of my parts switched over. I want a jack-of-all trades HT for urban, trails, etc... I'm not terribly concerned about weight, but as I'm really hard on a bike (even though I'm fairly smooth for a big dude) durability is an issue. 2-3 ft drops to flat (workin on tranny), I tend to barrel through rockgardens, learning trackstands and manuals and the like - I'd like to get more bike than I need right this moment as I'm learning and progressing every day.

    I'm looking at two ways I can go (alu or steel) and looking at frames like the azonic steelhead or banshee scirocco, jamis komodo, or one of the clearance RM flows (like $289). I'd like to do it on the cheaper side.

    Advice? Suggestions? Anyone know any killer deals on frames of that ilk?

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    Warranteed for life. Seems abolutely bullet proof.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny M
    Warranteed for life. Seems abolutely bullet proof.
    No joke, that thing looks like it'd outlast me. I'm wondering though if it'd be that much better than a flow or komodo (either of which are going to be at least $100 less). Or that much better than a steelhead which would cost just a bit more than half as much.

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    Don't forget the Azonic Steelhead, if you're into cromo, or the Azonic DS1 if you're not. Neither fall into the "amazing" catagory like an Imperial or whatever, but they're solid frames, and has them for like $200 or less.

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    Check out the Banshee Morphine! Its an awesome frame thats really stiff and strong, its perfect for bigger riders. It manuals like crazy, and has a 10 year warranty.
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    i agree go with the transition trail-or-park it doesnt sound like your going off huge north shore style ladders or making huge gaps so i dont think you would nead the banshee i think the transition is perfect

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