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    Leatt vs Atlas neck braces

    I've been riding with a Leatt brace for a few years, and just got an Atlas brace because of the way the back supports straddle the spine instead of sitting right on top of the spine.

    Plus all the cool kids are rocking Atlas braces now.

    But, the Atlas brace doesn't seem to provide as much protection as the Leatt brace. It doesn't stand as high over my shoulders, so I can rock my head side-to-side and front-to-back a lot more. That would seem to translate to less protection in the case of a fall.

    I imagine that some people might like the extra range-of-motion that the Atlas brace allows, but my Leatt never bothered me so I don't really see that as an advantage.

    What does the MTBR hive-mind think of Atlas braces as compared to Leatt?

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    I'm interested to hear as well. I've used a Leatt for a few years and have a love/hate relationship with it. Since I have a wide neck, it rubs raw if I wear it for an extended period. (Multi day trips).

    I decided that this last trip was its last. I'll be moving onto so,etching new, without abrasive padding, but hopefully adequate protection.

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    I just wrote in an post above this one about Alpinestars Bionicon brace. Check them all out. In this area, fit is most important and will change brand by brand. Also read up on how they're meant to protect you. They all have different philosophies.

    Once at Mtn. Creek, I saw an guy wearing a brace (I'll leave the name out of it since it's irrelevant) that had an really loooooong neck. He was probably 6'-6" tall. With the helmet strapped down, there was 4"+ between the bottom of the helmet and the top of the brace. I wondered if he wrecked, would that brace stop anything?

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    Atlas sells stackable riser pads for the Carbon brace if you ask them directly, so I have some coming. Will update when I have get a chance to experiment with them.

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