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    large vertical+ very technical trails?

    i just wanted to see what replies I could get back.(from anywhere in the world)
    i'm always on the lookout for extremely technical trails that also have large vertical descents. I don't mean midly rocky trails, i mean trails that are extremely rocky, and/or very steep + have over like 3000 vertical descent. to me it seems like its usually (not always) one or the other. most large vertical descents are not extremely techincal and the very technical trails i know of are usually 1-2k drop max.

    the exceptions i do know about are
    monster (in interior BC) haven't ridden it, just heard about it.
    some whistler trails off the top (orginal sin, ride-don't slide, no joke)

    how about others?

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    Man there's a lot of trails, probably more than not, in BC which meet your criteria.

    How about Mt. Seymour on the northshore? Or really any of the shore locations? You can get 3k' out of many of them if you pick the right routes.

    Lots of other rides in whistler and squamish too, which are all that.

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    Not quite 3,000, but... Whiteface, NY. 2,500 and Steep! They re-routed part of the one trail which is good in the long run, but I remember using my third brake several times! This story is from another site. I hope he doesn't mind.

    The Idea

    I heard about Whiteface trying to stay open on Hcor. I read DH Mikes petition and signed it. I’ll do whatever I can to save a riding spot. Now I just needed to get up there! I told a couple riding buddies that I wanted to head up. Josh said he was in, but the rest couldn’t get past their wives .

    The Long Haul

    We left Frinight around 4. We knew it was going to take forever (about 5-6 hours). Josh thought it would be a cool idea to make a sign say’n “SHOW ME BOOBIES ” As we approached a Beetle filled with 4 chic’s, Josh held up the sign as I beeped the horn. They waived us up and sure enough…THEY SHOWED US BOOBIES!!! We both new it was going to be a good weekend.

    Getting to the Mountain

    We had about 12 miles to drive to get to the mountain. Along the way you end up following the Ausable river. As your going down the twisty road, you realize the Olympic spirit is still here 25 years later. To the right, the mountains come right to the pavement. To the left, the Ausable river with the mountains making a picturesque background. No matter where you are, you realize everybody is very “Outdoorsy”. The river has fisherman on the shore and in the river utilizing their waders. The road is filled with people doing the Ironman triathlon loop on their 650 road bikes with their areobars. I think we saw around 50 or so people each day we went to the mountain. People are coming from Canada to train also. At this point I realized that everyone there is at “pro level”. I mean no one is using a MGX bike or some cheap W-mart brand fishing pole. Everybody takes what they are doing seriously!

    The Mountain

    I KNOW what 1000 vert is, and I know what it feels like. But 2,500? WOW! All I can say is me and Josh would stop "half way down" catch our breath, down some water and rest our hands. We'd hop back on, ride another 2 trails smiling from ear to ear. Then we'd stop and realize "Now we're half way down!" The steepness and tight turns keep you in check. From the top we’d always take 26. Where 26 and 27 split we’d choose based on our mood. Either way is a ton-o-fun! 26 (The Ledges) is tight and twisty singletrack. Some roots and rocks test out your handling right at the top. To get to 3 (Slick Rock) you’ll do some pedaling but the Whoop-de-do’s are cool. Trail #5 (Stag Brook Junction) kicks ass with steep turns. It's like your sitting on your wheel, squeezing your brakes. As soon as you think there's some relief from flossing your crack...2 supertight turns, a right followed by a left and BOOM, back down some more steep ****! Across the water pipe (totally doable!) and down a tech turn. Now some relaxing ST across the ski trail to get to the waterfall! After crossing the creek it’s on to 13 (Medalist) and 12 (Resevoir Run) where you can get the flow going. It’s smooth and not as steep as the top was. You just pump the bike and let it roll. Finally we’re at the bottom. The second run we chose 27 (Face Shot) and you’ll need to use your third brake here, Ouch! Here’s some really cool ST after the super steep top section. You’ll love the cool turns and stuff in here. Trail 6 and 7 (Ausable Loop and River Run) are cool, but I’d recommend a XC or pedalable DH/FR for this. Of course we did the hike-a-bike thing…Twice. It was fun enough and having XC racing in our blood, it was cool to get the feeling what you can do back there on a XC bike. There’s a ton more to write about the trails and stuff, but me talking vs. you riding are two different things. I recommend coming to Whiteface to experience something unlike “The usual” places that we all go to.

    A special thanks to DH Mike for keeping Whiteface open. Aceman

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