Knees, pedals and foot position.-
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    Knees, pedals and foot position.

    Just wondering about a couple of things. Firstly however, let's just note for the record that I have some sort of wierd arthritic type knee pain at present, which various docs and specialists have been unable to identify. Reactive 'poly-arthritis' has been the most recent guess (I get wrist and ankle pain too).

    I have a pair of M505 pedals that came with my VT3 when I bought it. Upon the recommendation of the shop, I removed them and fitted platforms to begin with, until I got used to riding the bike. Unfortunately, 1100+kms later, the platforms are still on there and the M505's are still sitting in a bag here. I just haven't been bothered to try them, but I'm finally thinking about it now. But.....

    I'm wondering if I'm likely to experience more knee pain if I finally put these M505's on and get some shoes.

    I'm also wondering about foot position (fore and aft on the pedal) and the relationship between that and knee pain. I find that if I position my foot forward on the pedal (to where I think the M505's would put my foot), I can pedal a lot harder, but the knee pain increases. If I put my foot further back on the pedal, the knee pain is less, but I can't pedal as hard. What's the deal there?

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    If your knees are buggin, it's the saddle height and position that will have a bigger effect than type of pedal/shoe. Problem is, an efficient saddle position for pedalling has almost nothing to do with a good saddle position for FR/DH.

    XC bikes are designed to get you in the best possible position for power and comfort. Saddle is high up so your knee is ALMOST fully extended, and a steeper seat angle allows you to get the saddle in the correct position behind the bottom bracket so your forward kneecap is approximately over the pedal spindle with the cranks level to the ground.

    In the above mentioned setup, the ball of your foot should be over the pedal spindle.

    FR/DH bikes usually have such slack seat angles that by the time you get the saddle to a good height, it is much farther behind the cranks than is good for you.


    Quote Originally Posted by mrbonk
    I'm wondering if I'm likely to experience more knee pain if I finally put these M505's on and get some shoes

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