kicker question for WCH-
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    kicker question for WCH

    how do u determine the amount of curve in your ramp? i'm trying to build a kicker but i can't figure out how to draw/cut a smooth curve into the plywood sides.
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    Use a peice of string like a big compass.
    lay your sheet of ply on the ground. tie one end of the string around a pencile and the other around a screw driver. jam the screw driver into the ground.use the pencile to draw your tranny/lip. this is the method i used to biuld my mini rsmp for skating. we used a 7ft radius for a four ft tall ramp. so for bikes on a 4x8 sheet you may want to try like a nine to ten foot radius. play around with it before you cut. good luck.

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    thanks that helps a bunch. i'll try it tomarrow and hopefully post pics of the ramp soon.
    I have a dk legacy bmx bike for sale if anyone is interested. email me at

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    i used an 8' radius

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    we generally use 9' too...

    Quote Originally Posted by zachdank
    i used a 9' radius
    a 4' high kicker with a 9' radius will launch you plenty high. playas like WCH can do that 8' thingy better than I so it really depends on your ability level imo.
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