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    I need your help and insight!

    Hi all -

    Note: I cross posted this in the General Thread- but this probably better applies to here

    I am working on a school project researching the mountain bike industry. I'd love your input on this quick survey regarding your riding habits, suspension preference and brand insight. It only takes a few minutes but would be incredibly insightful for my project.


    Thank you so much for your time and help - and please feel free to share this link with anyone in your riding groups to gather even more data!



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    All - some great feedback so far. Keep up the great responses and thanks for your time!

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    Some feedback on the questions: Allow multiple answers per question for multiple choice questions.

    I know Iím not alone in that I have more than one bike. And the riding style and bike I like most (DH) is not the riding style or bike I ride most frequently (xc/trail).

    Some of my bikes are stock. Others are totally custom. Others are totally custom parts bin bikes (meaning I built bikes out of spare parts I had laying around). The reality is that Iíve never bought a frame and then selected all new parts. If Iím buying a frame it is getting a combination of parts coming off another bike, parts I have laying around, and new parts where I donít have anything to fit. There isnít an option for that though I could go with custom with parts I purchased myself. There also didnít seem to be an option for buying a stock bike. I guess dealer recommended configuration would sort of cover it, but the context implies that itís a custom bike as configured by the dealer.

    On question 17, you need to ask about customer support. Coming from the other side of the counter, I will recommend Rock Shox over Fox all day, everyday. As the person who has to handle warranty issues for the consumer, Iíve had plenty of experience with both companies. Fox is a royal pain in the arse and rarely wants to cover defective product in a timely manner while SRAM/Rock Shox makes it as painless as possible for me to get new parts on your behalf which means I can say with confidence that I can take care of your SRAM/Rock Shox issues. When I see issues with Fox suspension my usual response is Iíll do my best but you better be prepared to crack open the check book, and if you are doing that, the best way to fix a broken Fox fork is to replace it with a Rock Shox...

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