Hucking for dummies--Hucking 101-
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    Hucking for dummies--Hucking 101

    I just bought a 03 brodie hellion and I want to start hucking off things and urban assault. I've never gotten my tires off the ground except when I get off the bike and pick it up! I would like to do things like aaron chase or jeff lenowsky...where does a young jedi begin? can anyone give me an intro to hucking basics and technique or at least point me in the right direction. please understand that I live in japan and there is no one here to tell me how to ride.

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    wow...there are a lot of techniques and a lot of styles out there so I couldn't tell you all of the finer points of hucking (I'm not sure if I know them all myself)...I can give you a few pointers to get started on drops though...

    Start small....there is no race to hit the big stuff, so take your time and avoid the hospital visits later. Find a drop that's about 1 ft to flat. Something that, even if you don't lift your wheels up, you won't crash. Get used to the speed of it and learn to land both wheels at the same time. Once you can do that, learn to land slightly on your back wheel (softer landing). You do that by adjusting the amount you pull up your front wheel before the lip of the drop.

    That's about it for now

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