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    Hope Enduro 4's tell me about them??

    what size rotors do they come with, are they as powerful as the M4 DH?

    where to get parts? are adaptors availible readily?

    are they pwerful and are they durable?

    please tell me all you know, I am contemplating putting a used pair on a Gemini with a Sherman fork, what adaptor will i need and where can it be bought?


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    I had the 2001 versions. Back then they were the only DH brakes HOPE made. They were considered heavy at the time that is why they slimmed them down. The ones I had used 8" front and back. Give HOPE a call about parts and adapters. Yes they were strong, as strong as the DH PURPLE HAYES I have had since, but more modulation with the HOPES.

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    i got the M4's on my bike a cple weeks ago, on my 888R it lined up with a 7 inch disc not the 8 inch supplied, modulation is good, power is pretty mediocre atm, i emailed Hope about it 4 or 5 days ago now still waiting for a reply so i guess i cant say i'm pumped on the customer service response so far either, the good thign is they look good i guess but they are not powerful atm, maybe the stock pads suck but i made 100% sure 0 contaminants got on the disc i actually cleaned the hell out of the disc with alcohol before i mounted it, and even used latex gloves to not get finger grease all over em centered it dead center, road it for 15 hrs of biking or so and it doesn't lock the front tire.... i'm putting my Magura Gustav's back on when i get the front lever back from warranty work * i've had them since 2001 awesome brakes incredible power / modulation* 5 yr no leak warranty. other people say there's are working great i'm hoping to figure out why mine are sucking but i would actually need a response from hope to get started.

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    The reviews say good stuff about them. 1 finger endos, excellent modulation and not one plastic part in it. I have them, when the wheels come in ill mount them and see how good they are

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    I've been running them on my Bullit for about 5 years now with minimal issues. The power is good (especially with EBC's red pads) and the modulation is great. The only issue I would say they have is that the pad retention system is not that great - there are tiny allen head bolts that you can strip out if you are not careful - they fixed this with a much better system on the new Mono-series of brakes they have out now, but I wouldn't let this deter you from getting the brakes.

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