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    HFX-9 Lever stuck

    Got a problem with my HFX - 9 's .Oh yeah a problematic part The Nine Master cyclinder .
    The master cyclinder cups dont move free . I used a low grade brake fluid in it and it was stuck .The lever played for its self and the cups were stuck in place .Now i changed the fluid and for the first week it was solved but now again they seem like sticking not as bad as like in past but the cups move very very slowly .Square seals in the caliper take pads away from rotor and enable ridding but its still stiff and i use more energy when pedaling .Also the lever has lost sensivity .It only applies the brake with pressure .No movement .
    what do you advise me to do ?

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    Sometimes Haye's calipers get stuck and you have to take the wheel off and gently rock them back into place, put some electrical tape around a screw driver. That usually fixes the stuck pad and no lever power problem.
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    I've read that low grade DOT fluid has too much silica in it. this causes all the seals to expand and get really sticky

    You can also just loosen the quick release and rock the wheel back and forth using the disc to push the cylinder back in.
    most likely, you need your brakes rebuilt to fix the seal issue

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    it seems like you need a master cylinder overhaul. from what you wrote it looks like your caliper is fine, just that your master cylinder is sticking. not a huge deal. but if this has happened multiple times i'd suggest some new brakes.
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    Time for a new MC piston, not a big deal.

    Using quality DOT 4 fluid will lengthen the replacement interval.


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