HELP: revisiting the mystery of 17"-frame Azonic Saber-
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    New question here. HELP: revisiting the mystery of 17"-frame Azonic Saber

    Paging folks specifically with 17"-frame Azonic Saber...
    Sorry to bring up this old topic again, but this is about the 17"-frame Saber's prob with rocker-plate crossbar hitting the seatpost collar in 6"-mode. I re-measured 5.5" ( = 7.5"/i2i - 2.0"/stroke ) from bolt-to-bolt without the shock mounted on my '04 17" Saber, and the crossbar just touches the seattube or seatpost collar.

    I'm still using FM's "rubber-washer" solution to compensate this problem, and it's great for the most part. But, it's just that, I finally got the dreaded metalic "clunk" again on Saturday, even though I had been clunk-free for a while (since July '05). So, I added yet-another (7th!) and went back to the same drop next day, yet it still gave me the "clunk". Then I turned 2 more clicks on 'compression' (PUSH'ed Vanilla RC) there and hit it again, and that seemed to be OK (for now). I wonder if I'm going to have to keep adding rubber washer and/or cranking up compression? Or, if I cranked up compression more, maybe I can get rid of some rubber washers? (harsher ride?)

    Does the (stock) rubber bumper act sorta as "progressive" ramp-up at the end-stroke (assuming that squashing rubber requires more effort than oil passing thru ports)?

    Thanks for reading this topic again,
    - PiroChu
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