Help - getting back in the game - 2018 Boot'r any good?-
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    Help - getting back in the game - 2018 Boot'r any good?

    A few injuries later (some bike, some not) I've got the itch to send a big bike downhill again. I've been running my Ironhorse Chimpira (I've had this thing for 12+ years and it's still going!) at Bryce and doing ok but I'd like to get my own squishy setup. I can't find any posts on the new Boot'r but from checking out the components seems like a good starting point. I have a ton of Amazon gift cards from work so I can get this ride heavily discounted. ($500 - $900 out of pocket)

    Goals: 5 - 15 ft drops (max), 25 - 30 ft tables, I do like to carve, bigger guy (210 - 230 depending on my fitness etc.). Home mountain is Bryce and I'd like to get to a point where I can take every drop deep on Pickleback.

    Unfortunately not a lot of options on Amazon. I could get a Diamondback Mission Pro (trail bike but seems to be able to meet my goals). I also might do some (very limited) trail riding - would be happy to regear with a 42t in the back but I've always ridden down for the most part.

    Specs: Mongoose | Boot'R

    Interesting review, not sure how biased it is:

    Looks to ride really well at Trestle (sound great, sends big):

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    I took a risk and got a "used" Boot'r off Amazon for 1600. The bike that came was completely new and never assembled let alone ridden. The driveline and brakes on the bike are great. The coil shock actually isn't too bad and I'm still trying to dial in the front fork (right now I have it too soft - you can hear it bottom out on the bigger drops / jumps on pickleback). The bike's steering is a little numb compared to a session 8 when the bike is upright but once you tip it over it's really playful.

    Here's a mash up clip of brew thru and screwdriver, and a full run of pickleback (still working my way up to hitting all features at speed) at Bryce. So far I have 3 downhill days and 2 dirt jump days and the bikes holding up great. Only problem is the bike came with a bad headset - I suspect the factory overtightened top cap so I gotta replace the bearings but at the price it's a solid rig. Everything else running awesome.

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