Great day in Dizin-
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    Great day in Dizin

    Had a great day yester day .One of our friends got his uncle’s pick up and we set off for Dizin .
    Its a village 55 Kms north of Tehran .In the heart of the Alborz range .Its like a whistler for Iranian skiers .Several routes ‘ and nearly all have lift ‘ hotels ‘ restaurants ‘ ski rentals ‘ also some ski schools ‘ and in summer it’s a destination for grass skiers .Not as popular as snow ski in fact even less than 10 percent of the winter visitor are there at summer for grass ski .
    But Dizin has its own lovers in summer too .Every year the national grass ski champs are held there and in the last 10 years we have had 4 Asian champs and one World cup there .

    Besides its gravity for skiers it’s a wonderful place for weekend holidays .when the temperatures rise to 40’s C in Tehran its still cool at noon in Dizin and for the night you need a good warm sleeping bag if your going to camp .People from Tehran and other nearby cities come there to spend a cool weekend .

    If we had the gravity rider population you had in the states or in Canada It would be a Whistler for sure .The area is like a hollow pit walled by steep slopes and an open end in the north west side .You can get to the highest point over the valley in the southern part via road . And there you are and there are the single tracks I can count over 30 of them which descent strait down swirling among the slopes ‘ passing streams ‘ round the hills ‘ over rocks and ohh yeah they are real fun and if you keep off the levers real fear .
    Even more trails for Am riders . With less technicality and steepness going to this side and that till your at the bottom of the valley after a long pleasurable descent ride. In case you’re an XC rider ride these trails in the opposite direction .When you have reached the last Kms at the top after some hard hot hammering the snow covered peaks and fresh cool no cold air would wind you up .

    We were at the top by noon .In the way we met some of our roadie and XC pals stressing their legs and lungs and a group of our friends were trekking to the Caspian shore .We had some descents every time climbed with the pick up and down again .And the last time we got up pedaled nearly all the way home half on fire roads half on asphalt .
    The only injury we had was a bee sting for one of my friends .It went in his glove through a cm with hole and stung his finger while rushing 70 Kmph on asphalt .

    And heres some piX

    1: Squeezed on the pick up
    2: Me at the top
    3: Friends
    4: nasty flat just on the first meters
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    Right on! Looks like you guys had a good time.

    In that last pic of the guy with the flat, above and to the right of the dude with the tire around his neck, on the opposite slope where the sun is shining, there's what looks like a trail with a bunch of switchbacks, then there's that line going straight down the mountain. Is that a trail too? Looks crazy!

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    man the top of the mountain is very runs like that
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    Hi Saber,

    Hope you are doing well bud! I remember i went to Dizin around 4 years ago, in winter, for skiing. The instructor was telling me then that in summer its a good place for riding, and it sure looks like it - Im missing the riding there already! I've got my eye out on ebay for a decent freeride setup.

    BTW - Did you try that drop next to park Neshat?

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    Hi Ali very nice to hear from you and hope youll manage for a good setup. I tried and crashed on that drop last week .It was a bad crash on asphalt.

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    Add that to my short list

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    hi everybody
    thank a lot saber for photo and description of dizin .

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    Those mountains are beautiful.
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    more riding pics! that place looks awesome though i would love to be able to ride there!

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    Nice! It looks crazy fun
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