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Thread: grabby Hayes?

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    grabby Hayes?

    I've recently noticed when I'm doing slow speed balance stuff, using a lot of quick on/off rear brake for balance, the brake seems grabby. I never notice this at high speed with a consistent lever pull.

    is that grabbiness the "modulation" that everyone talks about?

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    reset your pads....take wheel off ....push in pistons with a 10 mm wrench.....then put pads back in and use a biz card to reset pads
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    yeah, same here..i've got hfx9 xc...for me it's the lever, the bend just really sucks..these are great breaks but a super touchy at low speeds...we have to learn to use just one finger at low speeds maybe
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    I have hayes hfx too, I wouldnt call that grabbyness " modulation ". It took me along time to learn how the brakes work. High speed they are a no brainer just be carefull when your doing slow techy stuff. I installed bonz levers they are more blocky and so less prone to hand mistakes.

    I was riding my bike down my lab hallway when i decided to see if I could lift my rear end up and ride on my front only and my hand slipped and I grabed the brake to strong. Next thing I flipped over and bailed my bike flipped over and landed on its deraileur and bend the hanger.

    After you wear your brakes in and the rotor gets glazed over the "grabbyness" seems to happen at lower and lower speeds and you will miss it. But modulation gets better.
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    Hayes are grabby.

    Hopeare not.

    Choose Hope.

    but seriously, Its just like that. Hayes are known for an on-off feel which some people like after they get used to it. The power is nice but the controll is not what it could be. Modulation becomes VERY important when teetering 5 feet up on a skinny above pungy sticks trying to modulated down a skinny

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