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    This good protection for downhill, and what could I possibly expect?

    I am moving from all mountain to down hill mountain biking. I've already took a unforeseeable spill, used my entire arms to absorb the impact and the pain is still agonizing after a week but it's dying down slowly. I was wearing a helmet and nothing else. Here is some of the gear I selected.

    Certified for downhill Giro full face with MIPs.

    For armor I was thinking of getting a roost tee, + the fox titan
    Roost Tee


    That might be over kill with both?

    If something goes wrong, and if I have the mere chance to react I will always put my arms out the absorb some of the impact and try to spread it everywhere besides my neck and head.

    Depends how I fell off, but every time I tend to go over the bars. and thats from hitting a rock or something at a bad angle. Or just bad luck.

    Very rarely do I take a spill with getting hurt quite bad, but when it happens it will be pretty nasty.

    The speeds for the hills I go down is around the 20-25mph range, max I think it will ever be is 30mph. I'm not really sure how fast I'm going.

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    Neck brace. To me it's the most important gear besides a full face. Bones heal but not so much for your brain or spinal chord.

    You won't want to wear pads under your armor. You want them close and tight enough to stay in place during a crash. The fox jacket has a lot of protection on its own. If you plan to use your arms to break your fall you might want some kind of wrist protection though?

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    I learned long ago not to stick my arm(s) out in an attempt to catch myself. try to jam the handle bar down first and try to tuck arms in and absorb the fall with as much of your body as possible to spread the impact area out over more surface area
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    Agree on neck brace. Besides that, pads do little to dissipate energy, because they are frankly very thin compared to your body and the impact energies involved. They are no more than 1cm thick, and possibly compress half that. They mostly protect against abrasion, possibly some bruise protection by dissipating the force over a broader area.

    But underneath is still your skeleton which must take much of the force. I learned this the hard way having shattered my clavicle at about 15mph wearing a full pressure suit with heavy shoulder pads.

    One thing hard plastic pads really do well is protect against puncture from sharp rocks or sticks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John67 View Post

    every time I tend to go over the bars. and thats from hitting a rock or something at a bad angle. Or just bad luck.

    this could be not looking farther ahead...usually a rider that goes over the bars a lot...they look what's in front of them (the obsticle) and focus on just that...then they miss the next thing after that....concentrate looking further ahead and just glancing down to clear obsticle.

    get the fox titan ...I wear the same thing with a neck brace. I like Atlas neck braces over Leatt. The leatt doesn't let me see far enough ahead....The Atlas has great angles for riding steep stuff....Plus I lost a bolt and they sent it out very fast to me when I was leaving for a trip....Get The Atlas...grreeat customer service and a product that is awesome
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