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    A good problem to have...long...

    Ok, so about this time last year I bought my Weyless 67 for a great price. Right away I ebayed the Z150 for a decent amount and bought a 04 Super T pro for a reasonable price. After a day at the lifts I realized that the Super T was not the right fork for me. A great fork and ideal for many, but I just don't ride hard enough to warrant a 7" DC fork.

    Even at the lift served mountains around here most of the trails will end up pointing up hill at some point and the climbing was killing the fun. So I started researching a replacement. Before I was really ready to pull the trigger on another fork I stumbled across a very nearly new Fox Talas 36 dirt cheap (about half of what compairable 36's are going for on ebay) so I grabbed it. I like the weight and thought the Talas adjustment would be handy. I'm also used to air forks as that's what I've run on other bikes in the past. I might like the way it rides but the Talas's travel adjust is not as convienient as I had hoped and I'm having a hard time accepting the dog poo color, so it may be out the door soon as well. Fortunately I can flip it for a good profit (no it's not the one that's been discussed here recently).

    Now I have found an 06 66 light with ETA for a great price and I *know* I like the way that the ETA works. It's not as light as the 36 but it's about a pound less than the Super T and dropping the travel down with the ETA will make the climbs more tolerable. Plus I'll still have 170mm available whenever I need it.

    So I may have myself convinced on the 66 light, but their are others to consider as well like the Z1 light (even lighter but maybe too light). Or the 66 SL ( nice and light but no on the fly travel adjust). What others that I may have missed?

    I'm lucky that I can sell the 36 and the Super T and get almost whatever I want with money leftover but I don't want to keep playing musical forks.

    For what its worth I'm 41, 200# and can't afford to (and not enough balls to) destroy myself in a wreck so I'm not real aggresive.

    Thanks for any help possible.

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    Buy a 06 66SL, Bolt it on, and just ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-line
    Buy a 06 66SL, Bolt it on, and just ride.
    i concur.

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    I second that concurring motion.


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    Either the 66SL or Light ETA would be good, just decide if the weight of the ETA is worth it to you. If it were me I'd go for the SL because you like air and you aren't too agressive. Travel adjust looks awesome on paper but on the trail I hardly ever use it. I don't think it makes a difference, and I own a 36 TALAS and a Boxxer Ride.

    Speaking of Boxxer Rides, you may want to consider one of those. The 06s are awesome. Either one of those or a 66 would be great on your bike.

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    i still fail to see how your problem is good. you have no clue what you want, that sucks IMO......

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