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    Good Mountian Biking Magazine?

    What is a good mountian biking magazine? Like Freeride, DH and jumping? Looking for somethin to subscribe to.

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    i find bike magazine to be the best.

    have fun.

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    For DJing,DH and Freeride Decline is good.Its sister mag 26 is good i hear but its ore all around.
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    26 they don't make anymore...

    Decline is good:
    untilmate mag is Dirt:

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    They all have their upsides and downsides... Hell, even MBA is good if all you use it for is to look at the pretty pictures, read tradeshow/event reports, and check out specs on the latest and greatest. You just have to ignore the fact that RC is a huge idiot and that their reviews are incredibly biased.

    I used to enjoy Bike, but their "reviews" aren't really reviews anymore, they're just little blurbs about the products that focus mainly on what is obvious (like, a short travel Cannondale Scalpel feels harsh over the bumps. Well, duh.). They still have the best editorials of any magazine, though (IMO).

    I just picked up my first copy of Dirt, and I really enjoyed it if you can get past the horrendous layout that seems to be so popular now (weird fonts, text crammed into strange locations in and around photos.. I hate this new trend of magazine layouts - I like my layouts to be crisp & clean, with well defined boundaries).

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