Glory vs Demo vs Wilson

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  • 09-14-2013
    Glory vs Demo vs Wilson
    Hi all,

    With the end of the season here there's some pretty decent deals now to be had for the 2013's. I've been using my all-mtn 07 Rocky Mtn Slayer for my park duties and I've decided to move onto a full DH rig as I've fallen in love with the type of riding. I'm not a big jumper/drops....I much prefer the steep technical rocky/rooty type of trails. I've tried out the Rocky Mtn Flatline and wasn't too impressed with it. I've been thinking about the Specialized Demo, Giant Glory or even the Devinci Wilson. I'll never be racing with it, so it doesn't have to be the top model. Which would be best for my style of riding? I'm a lightweight (~140 lbs...prob 150ish fully geared up) and am a fairly smooth rider. I've gone over the handlebars a few times pushing my limit and I'm guessing something a little more slacker and lower to the ground would be better? Ideally I'd like input from ppl who've ridden these bikes for comparison (LBS doesn't have any of these in my size, so it's hard to compare). I don't plan on pedalling uphill with this bike as I have my RM Slayer and my Trek Fuel for that. Thoughts? Thanks all!