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    Getting caught out by fake Chinese websites -

    Hi, so this might sound dumb, but I bought a full face TLD helmet on that website a few weeks ago. It looked like a good offer, without being too suspicious looking. Well today in the post, a cardboard box arrived for me from China, with a very light and nasty looking motorcycle helmet. So I'm down quite a lot of cash (the helmet that arrived would not pass safety standards even for mountain biking) .

    This happen to anyone else? Anyone else fall into this trap? Doesn't seem like much I can do .
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    What was your method of payment? Guessing Paypal or credit card?

    I'd immediately report the transaction as counterfeit (a poor one) and see what happens.

    Post pictures, web URL, etc, here on MTBR.

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    Got a good deal, awesome. Try this, go to your LBS, get fit, buy. Next time maybe.

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    Yeah, a fool and his money are soon parted. Its a Classic saying. As a 50 year old man, this entire young generation of sub 30 year olds is interesting to watch. They seem almost as gullible as I was at that age. But I never had to deal with as much "in your face" fraud. Back in my day, the bad guys wore black hats (instead of driving black Teslas), and wore bandana's to hide their faces (because neoprene didnt exist). OP! I hope you get some refund. I just ordered a cheap $4 bell from china, instead the Actual $20 version. I had hopes that it was a quality knock off. Well, it lasted 1/2 a climb uphill. Hahaha. Broke into pieces before I finished 1st climb. What a joke. I THEN bought real version for $20, so now Im out $25 total. Classic blunder.

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