<hr style="color: rgb(183, 183, 183);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> This is a wee vid my big German mate did on the trail we've been cleaning up and extending, need to get back up there and do some more had to concentrate on moving over last month.

But seeing his vid has me so stoked again, to ride it and dig some moar

Enjoy some Germanic heavy metal in the back ground to rock on

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Not an extreme DH trail but its a fun wee traced aptly name Stoka, we been trying to clean it up and extend some more DH like features and give it some more flow, my mission on some of our older trails, so much to do, so many idea's arh never enough painless days or time, but least Im 5mins away now, if only the deluge would stop, least the ground will be soft.

Enjoy peepers