Geometry questions? Whats your take.-
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    Geometry questions? Whats your take.

    So looking at the Driver 8 and the Blindside, and there are some definite differences in their geometry. I'm trying to figure out what these differences will translate to in the ride quality. Large for both bikes

    Head angles are different by 1.5 degree. (driver steeper, BS slacker)
    Drivers eff tt is longer, but seat angle is slacker (so maybe reach is the same???)
    Drivers chain stays are 17.5, BS 17.2
    BS wheelbase is 1 inch longer than Drivers

    So will the longer chain stays on the driver make it more stable in chunk and at speed, or will the BS have the advantage here due to slacker head angle and longer wheelbase?

    I would think the BS with shorter seat stays would be more maneuverable in tight situations, but then again it has a longer wheelbase....

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    The blindside would probably feel a bit more stable in the nasty stuff while going fast. The chainstays do help with stability but the overall wheelbase is more important.

    The driver 8 with an Angleset however would give you the same HA and combining that with the VPP suspension would probably give you better stability.

    If it were me I would probably go with the blindside since it has a full seat tube and doesn't need any modifications to the geo right of the bat. If pedaling isn't a concern then I would probably be looking at other bikes like the tr250/450 or full DH bikes.

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    BS also has a .6" lower BB height.

    BS is slacker, lower, , longer, shorter CS...all equating to an all around funner bike.

    id toss an angleset on there to slacken it a tad more, and drop the BBH a hair, and that thing will completely shred.

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