Freeride sizing help-
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    Freeride sizing help

    Hey everyone,

    First I tried to to search for the answer to this first, but I'll be honest I am about as likely as Helen Keller to find previous posts. On to the topic at hand.. I am looking to pick up a used a freeride bike, my poor all mountain bike has been put threw the ringer and its time i pick up something a bit heavier duty. I have noticed there are alot of good bikes out there, but most of them seem to be in a medium size. In my XC and AM rigs I generally fit a large framed bike, but honestly have never felt comfortable jumping them as they always seemed like such a large bike. I am about 6', would I be able to effectively ride a medium or will I like a bear riding a tricylcle?

    Some of the bikes I am looking at currently are:

    Santa Cruz VP-Free
    Santa Cruz Bullit
    Intense Uzzi
    Iron Horse 7 point
    KHS Lucky 7

    Any opinions on whether I should side with one bike or another.

    Thanks for the info.


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    im a 6' tall kid, skinny, such stuff... i have long legs and a shorter torso...

    I ride a Large M1. IT great for DH. Very stable, but kinda hefty and not "flickable" at all... it hadles great on long DH booters, but on the tighter, steep jumps its too big for me to hit comfortably. I have a 17" Compulsion frame, and i must say i was very concerned it would be too small. then i threw a shorter shock on there which makes the cockpit a bit smaller. When i got it all together it was very nice... plenty of room, and the frame (it was an AM frame) felt small and easy to control.

    Im kinda half looking at a FR bike like the ones you're looking at, and i would get myself a medium. i just control it better.. that said a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

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    The flickability was definitely something that was making me consider trying a medium. Well.. That and the fact that for some reason the majority of used FR/DH bikes for sale are medium frames. What would be drawbacks of using a smaller frame? My whole thing is i jumped 20" bmx bikes for so many years that my 26" feels HUGE!

    On a related note would a Iron Horse 7 point still be a good bike? Seeing that they are getting a bit older now, and the fact that IH went under would finding parts be a problem?

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    Any bike in the SC line up go Large. I don't know how big you are planning on going but I have a heckler all coiled out and I hit anything with it. It is like 32 pounds and I pretty much use it for everything. The Bullit would be my choice with a budget I would go Uzzi with deeper pockets. I would still pick the heckler though in my case because it so versatile. Hope that helps.
    Your big wheels are so awesome!

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