Just bought a frame and fork, I have everything on order except for a wheel set, but I think I know what I going to get. Anyone ever riden a KHS DJ100, i'm paring it with a Manitou sherman flick 20mm axel 100/130mm. The frame is a cro-mo hardtail freeride/dirt jump frame. I'm hoping this works out ok. A friend and i went to Z-boaz in Benbrook TX. We were humbled, I ve been riding for over a decade, but I have never seen some of the things I saw at the small park in person. But I guess we have to start somewhere. And here I thought I would be doing 8 foot drops to flat.

Any one have any opinions of the frame and fork, they should be here in the next couple of weeks.

BTW of anyone local the DFW metro area his ridden this park, and is capable of taking on the dirt jumps at this park drop me a line.