Fox D.H.X 5.0 air on a demo 9-
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    Fox D.H.X 5.0 air on a demo 9

    I am looking at a fox d.h.x 5.o air for my demo 9. Since the place I ride at has no lifts or anything you have to walk up the hill. I can go pretty fast riding uphill but my manitou 4 way absorbs all of my pedals so I go very slow. Also I have to ride there it takes me about 8-10 minutes on my friends hardtail, but it takes me 12-14 minutes on my demo 9. I am not saying full suspension is bad. I love it for jumping and downhill which is basically all I do. I was just looking at the air so it wouldn't absorb my pedals so much.

    Any suggestions?

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    maybe just adjust your current settings?

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    Don't even waste your time looking at an air shock for the Demo Pig. That bike sits right around 50 lbs. as it is and you want something that will help you pedal up a bit better? That bike wasn't designed with an air shock in mind. Stick with a DHX 5.0 coil if you want a better shock. The DHX has the ProPedal adjustment on it so that you can crank it all the way on to climb up the hill and reduce pedal bob but turn it almost off to go downhill. No matter what you get though, the Demo Pig will NEVER feel like a hard tail unless you shove a stick in the shock mounts.

    There are enough adjustments on the DHX 5.0 to alleviate most of the pedal bob. Stand up though and all the adjustments are compromised. A heavy bike and mashing on pedals does not make for a stiff climbing rear end on a bike.
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    adjust the spv on the 4 way to have a higher threshold so it pedals better. down side is that the small bump hits will not be as good

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    I think you should consider getting an AM bike so you can climb easier and still expect the deliverance of a shorter travel but yet, much lighter sled

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    You seriously need a new bike. Plus the DHX will pedal worse than the SPV-equipped Swinger.

    For now up your preload and SPV pressure to the max.

    I recommend a Specialized Enduro or SX Trail if you want to stay with Spec.

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    As suggested, play with the settings on the 4-way. It's a very very tuneable shock. It can be set to pedal well or to be fairly compliant.

    The Propedal on the Fox may not be able to rival the 4-ways SPV. In addition, that's an awfully high leverage ratio for an air shock. The DHX-A already has a fairly linear and dead feeling mid stroke.

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