I figured I'd put this in the DH/FR forum as opposed to the suspension forum because it pertains to my fork in use as a freeride fork.

Anyhow, i recently bought an '08 glory fr that came with a marzocchi 66 sl1 ata. This is my first freeride bike and long travel fork, so i have a few questions. I understand that you want to use all the possible travel a fork has to offer; I've read that some people would say this means maybe bottoming the fork once or twice a ride. Since I've never had a long travel fork before, and this 'zoke 66 i just got is an air fork, I'm having a little trouble initially getting it tuned right, and haven't had a chance to freeride with it due to snowy conditions. My questions is, with the fork set up with a good 25-30% sag, how much travel should my fork go through when i just bounce around in my driveway with it, forcefully pushing down on my forks? How much travel should I be going through from say about 3 feet to flat, off of a small kicker ramp I have in my driveway, at relatively slow speeds? My sag feels right, but i just feel like im blowing through the travel, and I'm trying to find the sweet spot in with my compression adjustment where I have enough small bump compliance and not too much brake dive. I know fork travel and feel is often an individual feel that varies from person to person, so just tell me how your fork feels/how much travel you go through/how important small bump compliance is as opposed to not bottoming on big hits. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.