Fork and lube questions-
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    Fork and lube questions

    The second crown above the headtube does not slide easily down the stanchions. Is it alright to use a rubber mallet to gently work down?

    What lubrication is needed for the through axels that pull out of the wheel. Do you just use grease?

    Can I use Pedros extra dry all purpose lube for deraillure and other pivot points or is there something else I should be using?

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    Wait, did you get a new crown kit? If so, how much is it dragging, is it light or like 2mm + of extra causing it not to slide? Use a special bike grease like pedros or something for ur thru axles so it doesn't corode the metal as some greases do that. Use pedros extra dry for derailleur, but find something better for pivot points, possibly a high friction bearing grease or oil. Good luck and welcome to MTBR=)


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    as for the top crown, make sure the bolts are loose (all 3 of them) and make sure there is no wheel on the fork. You also MAY have to loosen the bottom crown bolts to ensure the fork is lined up propely. Using lube would be kinda stupid beucase you want your crown to hold on to the stanctions?. Shouldnt need a hammer, just tighten the headset bolt to bring the crown down.... But using a hammer (rubber) is fine as long as you're not crazy with it.

    As for through axles, if you are talking about sealed cartridge bearing hubs, you don't need grease at all.
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    Crown has been covered; through axel should be coated with a very thin coating of grease - smudge some on and wipe around with a finger or rag - it should barely be noticeable; this will prevent sticking/binding - too much will be messy and potentially allow slippage (unlikely)

    Regarding pivot points, depends on if they are bearings or bushings, and what type. Some systems are dry and run on impregnated metals (like a shock bushing with the impregnated red/orange coating) and should NEVER be oiled or greased, but at best cleaned (removed and dirt buffed out of surfaces). Most brarings should probably just be repacked every so often, or for lite maintenance oiled, cycled and wiped. Turners and Versus have rollers with grease ports so thats a no brainer!

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