First dh bike, matainence, upgrades, things to do.-
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    First dh bike, matainence, upgrades, things to do.

    Hey guys! I picked myself up an older DH bike and am new to the game. I have done some XC so I know a little about bikes. What types of matainence besides getting my shocks serviced, lubing chains, tightening bolts, changing brake pads and replacing the old Minon dhf with a new pair would you guys reccomend? Any must have tools?

    My bike is an 07 Yeti asx with a marzocchi 888 rc2xva front and fox dhx5 in the back. E.thirteen chain guide and bash guard. Hayes nine brakes with 8inch rotorsFirst dh bike, matainence, upgrades, things to do.-img_20190307_062340_503.jpg

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    I'd bleed the brakes to replace old fluid. I'd also check all the bearings, especially pivot, bottom bracket, shock bushings. Clean/replace anything with play or grittiness. Check spoke tension by hand and tighten any that are obviously loose. Basically standard stuff.

    The 888 is a really easy fork to work on and very durable. I'd start with just a basic lower leg service and fresh fluid.

    If you are going to have the dhx5 rebuilt, I'd send it to avalanche for a tune. It won't be that much more expensive and makes a big difference. If the shock is in OK shape now I'd ride it for a while first so you have a sense of what could be better. You will probably want a new spring appropriate for your weight.

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    If the Hayes still work, great. If not, that'll be a project all on it's own. If I remember correctly I think you can use a ball pump needle at the brake levers & a syringe at the caliper.... Any way they are still better than Avid's

    Just like Organ said that Marz fork is great. Golden Spectro 125/150 is stock oil. If it's not leaking out of the seals yet I'd just replace the oil, otherwise seals are a easily obtainable.

    If that rear shock isn't blown you might just want to ride it till it dies. Shocks aren't cheap to service or rebuild.

    Things to buy:
    If you don't have wide bars, think 28-30" I'd get a set.
    Maybe a new set of pedals
    A new spring for the rear shock if you aren't at the proper sag.
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