First DH bike decisions-
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    First DH bike decisions

    So, I've decided its time to get a DH bike. I currently have a Yeti 575 as my all around bike. I ride in the northeast and used the 575 at some lift served places last year like Plattekill, Diablo, Whiteface, etc but its not really fun on a bike like the 575. I think renting DH bikes each time would be a waste of money that I could just put into buying one. However, I probably won't use it more than 6-10 times a year so it is hard to justify spending much money on a dedicated bike.

    I was looking to spend around a grand but maybe more depending on what I find. I was looking at the Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho since it seems to get good reviews overall and is going for real cheap ($1100) right now. Pretty much the only new DH worthy bike under 2 grand.

    I looked at some used stuff, but its kinda sketchy without being able to see the bike in person. The other day a guy I ride with decided to sell his bike that he got used and only rode once since he won't get enough use out of it. It's an '03 Intense M1 with 03 or 04 Boxxer. Obviously a good bike, but its been raced for a few years and has a good amount of scratches, chips and a few dents. The other parts are all in decent shape, some newer than others. He's asking a grand for it.

    So I'm debating, do I get the Iron Horse cause its new and shouldn't have any problems for a while or do I get the M1 and hope that nothing happens with it? I'm certainly no beginner but I don't plan on racing and have never really ridden a DH bike other than for a few minutes of a run at whiteface. I mostly just want a capable, reliable rig that I can have fun with on the cheap at the rocky, rooty, steep trails around here. Thoughts?

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    The iron horse is a good bike, my friend has one and he loves it and it is a great price.

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    your best bet is to buy used
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    How about a used VP Free or Bullit, something that you can still pedal around in the off DH season but has more travel than the Yeti?
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    I would go with the Kumicho. Not knowing what the condition of that bike is... Espescially brakes, and the Boxxer. 03 boxxers were the worst pieces of crap to come out for Dual crown forks.
    But it's your decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHIVER ME TIMBERS
    your best bet is to buy used


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    SuperKat, I'm not going to get rid of the Yeti, this is just in addition to it as a lift bike. I was originally thinking SXT or Reign X since I could use them for regular riding too, but they would be way overkill for my normal trails. So I decided a cheap full on DH bike might be a better bet and only use it for lift served riding. I'm hesitant to buy used without seeing the bike in person first though, and that's difficult here in western NY.

    drakan, the M1 has Juicy 5's with 8 in rotors but the fork is either a 03 or 04 boxxer, the guy is not sure since he got it used. He has it on ebay too, here is the link Ebay link

    I think at this point I'm leaning more towards the Kumicho since it is brand new and less likely to have any problems, even if some of the components are crappy. And they are still making it for '07, which means I can still get parts where as the M1 has not been made for years so parts might be an issue should anything happen. I'm still unsure though, I need more advice to sway me.

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    I just got the Kumicho... couldn't beat the price.

    The spec's are great, it pedals really really well... I broke it in with a 15 mile AM style trail and it was awesome... it also jumps really easily... the only thing I am not liking at all are the tires... but those are easily replaced.
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