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    The evolution of Frankenstein - fork in hell

    After many dozen hours endeavour, I find myself succumbing to my failure of enlightenment and so hope to delve into the wise minds that frequent these here threads.

    With circumstances as such, my only feasible strategy in fulfilling my desires of elevating my hap-hazard hacking upon an old '04 Rockhopper to majestic flowing lines; is to slowly evolve my very old bike part by part.

    I have, with a deal too good; attained some Demax's on 20mm hubs and so am forced to welcome new forks. Although this be my first foray into the DH parts world, I am kean to acquire forks that will eventually be suitable for a new frame. In the meantime, I hope to 'Frankenstein' some onto this Rockhopper.

    My simple noob'ish query being; would something like old dual crown 888's or Pike's fit with this old '04 Rockhopper with its stock headset/handlebar with the word/brand 'Extra' written on it? Also, is there really such a thing as triple crown? Being a budget temporary fix for basic trail commuting in the meantime, I am not fussed by weight, stresses or degrees, only that of fitting- if I may be so bold

    Do forgive my near-nonsensical prose and I thankyou greatly for any pointers, you lovely lovely people.


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    I am guessing that your 2004 Rockhopper uses a 1 1/8 headset, (versus tapered) so as long as you picked up a fork matching that, you could mount it. Any fork you pick up pre-owned is likely going to need a service at minimum. It sounds like you picked up some wheels with 20mm thru axle to go with, so that gets those on.
    If the Rockhopper doesn't have discs, well, you are going to have to upgrade there too, as very few DH forks use v-brakes and the ones you find will be totally thrashed.
    Even if you get this mounted, it is likely to be barely rideable, between length and geo change, but also fork compression. DH fork isn't friendly to pedaling, and very few have a lockout, so every pedal stroke is going to be a compression and a lot, because DH forks are made for just that on the mountain, pedaling comfort is secondary.
    So there you have it.
    Personally, I'd hold out and save up and by a complete bike second hand. End of the season is coming, so things are going to start to go down in price. Here in the US we use Pinkbike for a lot of that, not sure in the U.K.

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    frankly, no

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    The only comment I have to this progressive catastrophe waiting to happen is that there is not such a thing as a "triple crown". A DH fork is a "dual crown" or "triple clamp" cause you have the top and bottom crown and 3 clamping points- Left stanchion, the steerer tube and the right stanchion.

    I recommend reading this post before you continue.
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    If you do go for an 888, I suggest just one, it gets funky when you do 888s.

    "It's only when you stand over it, you know, when you physically stand over the bike, that then you say 'hey, I don't have much stand over height', you know"-T. Ellsworth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayem View Post
    If you do go for an 888, I suggest just one, it gets funky when you do 888s.

    This! So tired of people trying to put multiple forks on their bikes.

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    I personally hate it when newbies try and put "boxxers" on their bike.
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