Downhill Racing School Paper(Need Information)-
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    Downhill Racing School Paper(Need Information)

    Hey guys, I'm doing a school paper on Downhill Racing. Trying to expand my sources to get different views on this topic we all love to do, Downhill Racing. What better place to get different viewpoints then come to the main source, rider forums. My keypoints i'm writing about are:

    -the mental side to racing, why we ride pedal bikes down mountains at blistering speeds risking waff 'n limb.
    -is Downhill Racing just as much mental as it is physical? how do you deal with the mental side of dealing with finding new race lines/ overcoming new obstacles(jumps, drops, etc.)
    -how downhill racing gets our adrenaline pumping, over playing normal sports like football or baseball.
    -what drives us mentally too push ourselves over the limit to reach that next level of speed.
    -(General) what makes "extreme" sports more exciting to watch.

    Forgot my outline/notes, but that is the basis of my paper. If any of you guys can shed some of your own personal insight on this topic, that'd be awesome. Much appreciated, Thanks.
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    i would suggest adding te mental damages from having a bad fall? as a loss of confidence is possibly the worst thing, trying to hit a new line or so on you can always bail out of, but having a big enough mental bock not to even get on the bike is one of the hardest things, so you could cover was to slowly build confidence back up?
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    the mental thing for me is huge as well. the first time im about to do a drop or jump or whatever i make sure the speed is right a everything and im just thinking about everything that could go wrong, but when you land it and ride away smooth, its one of the best feelings in the world. good luck.

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    I also think the mental aspect is really challenging. To have a bad crash trying something and coming back the next day to do it again is really what pumps me. My adrenaline rushes because I have crashed before and know what goes wrong and the results (e.x. pain, blood, broken bones, etc.). But when you come back and land the trick or find the perfect line is when you have the most fun.

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    Very broad topic for one paper... unless it's in the 30+ page category.

    but to answer your questions :
    - Why do people jump out of planes, snowboard, or race cars? you do it because you love the rush, the excitement, the personal satisfaction, and because chicks dig bikes.

    -Downhill racing is as much mental as it is physical, if not more. Mental acuity brings about consistency, as well as precision. without those, racers would loose their lines, fail to keep on pace, and allow other factors to cloud their focus. Physical condition is just that. conditioning. anyone can do it, but what separates the top riders is their mental conditioning, and mental coordination with their bodies.

    - downhill gets our adrenaline flowing because we are holding ourselves at the precipice between being in control, and crashing for 4 to 8 minutes at a time. It is a constant high-risk high-reward activity. In "normal" sports there are epic plays and moments at which someone may be holding it on the line, but it's very short, and usually followed by down-time. "normal sports" have a very up-down-up-down risk/reward cycle. In Downhill we're there for extended periods of time.

    -We drive to push ourselves to the next-level of progression for many reasons. Almost always it's because of the personal satisfaction and sense of achievement that it brings. Nobody here rides because someone has a gun to their head, we ride because we love it. We go faster because we want to. We progress because it opens up a wider variety of trails to us, more possibilities for fun. AND! chicks dig fast guys.

    - Extreme sports are more fun to watch because of the constant bombardment of action. In this day and age, it takes a lot to keep someone's attention, and action sports deliver enough excitement and action to do so.

    pm me if you need any more lengthy explanations. I've done a lot of research on media and extreme sports.
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